Scribble Volume 9, Issue 1

  1. •   They All Gave Me Diamonds Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

  2. •   the white noise Cliff Lynn

  3. •   Looking After the Dog  Catherine Ford

  4. •   Formation  E. H. Timms

  5. •   Claudia Greets Me in the Morning Michael Ratcliffe

  6. •   Video Games  Jonathan Persinger

  7. •   Untitled  Lizard Morrow

  8. •   Write What You Know Lizard Morrow

  9. •   Interview  Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan

  10. •   To Michael Brown's Mother After the Grand Jury Acquits

  11.     Darren Wilson and Snopes Reports on George Zimmerman

  12.     Shooting Himself "Accidentally" While Loading His Gun

  13.     Olga Dugan

  14. •   Jacob Street  Mark J. Hannon

  15. •   Late Love in Jerusalem  Robert Hirschfield

  16. •  The Bees and The Birds  Cybele Pomeroy

  17. •   Driving My Daughter to Swim Practice at 4:30 A.M.  Ed McCafferty    Cover Photo: Kelly Brady

Scribble Volume 8, Issue 3

  •   Just Say No John DesCamp

  •   In the Second Chance Café Ann Bracken

  •   Talk Lynn Bey

  •   Nested Ann Bracken

  •   Green Tea Nathan Leslie

  •   Love Threads Edgar Gabriel Silex

  •   Call Me Ishmael Lauren Beth Eisenberg

  •   New York, 1972, Twin Towers Anthony Cappo

  •   New Course Eric D. Goodman

  •   Cannibalism Tony Porco

  •   The Portal Ann Bracken

  •   My Mother’s Little Vice Patricia Zelver

  •   Cover Photo: Kelly Brady

Scribble Volume 8, Issue 2

   •   Cartoon Acrobat Michael Monroe

   •   Into the Everything Jeff Mark

   •   Address Book Yala Korwin

   •   The Woman at the Well Olga Dugan

  •   Solomon’s Puzzle Loris Nebbia

  •   Equinox John Sibley Williams

  •   Infinite Moment Michael Monroe

  •   Outside J. Christoph Amberger

  •   As You Spoke Yala Korwin

  •   My Loaf Sid Gold

   •   Cover Photo: Alison Morrow

Scribble Volume 8, Issue 1

   •   Counting Love A. Jarrell Hayes

   •   Two Mushrooms Catherine Grossman

   •   Ferry Julianna Thibodeaux

   •   Morning Ritual Wendy Kibler

  •   Close Cover Before Striking Paul Scot August

  •   Helen of Troy Joseph P. Kenyon

  •   Elemental Paul Scot August

  •   Over-The-Top Love Poem Paul Scot August

  •   I Took Your Gum Cybele Pomeroy

  •   in the cactus garden SM

  •   Indominable SM

  •   Skin Deep Frank S. Joseph

  •   Enola Gay Trilogy Martin Malone

  •   Citizens of the World Jillian Schweitzer

  •   The Rearview Mirror of Life Minta Davis

   •   Cover Photo: Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf

Scribble Volume 7, Issue 3

   •   On the Whim J. Shontere

   •   Relic Julianna Thibodeaux

   •   Bus Stop Julianna Thibodeaux

   •   Everyone’s Gone to the Moon Anne Higgins

   •   Café Mocha at Starbucks Caryn Coyle  MWA Short Fiction Prize 2009

   •   Rattle Maureen Martindale

   •   Lucy’s Belt Mary Bargteil

   •   Voletta’s Reflection J. Shontere

   •   Kindling Linda Erday

   •   Spaces LeeAnn Pickrell

   •   Any Day Now Renee Domogauer  MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize 2009

   •   Forest Bend LeeAnn Pickrell

   •   Love Dawn L. C. Miller  MWA Poetry Prize 2009

   •   The Monument Karen Bennett  MWA Short Fiction Prize 2009

   •   Cover Photo: Linda A. Saldaña

Scribble Volume 7, Issue 2

   •   America! America! Yala Korwin

   •   Carnival Nights J. Shontere

   •   Furniture B. Morrison MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize 2008

   •   After Petrichor B. Morrison MWA Poetry Prize 2008

   •   Two Plus the World Nikki Jeffery

   •   Prewitt’s Plans Eric D. Goodman

   •   Stop Time Susan Moger MWA Poetry Prize 2008

   •   Kidnapped Kevin Lavey MWA Short Fiction Prize 2008

   •   Facing the Storm Vicki Meade MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize 2008

   •   Borrowed a Conscience Many Times Peter Goodwin

   •  Cover Photo: Jeff Rosenzweig

Scribble Volume 7, Issue 1

   •   Taking Out The Trash Philip Gardner

   •   Gifts Yala Korwin

   •   She Apologizes For Being Weird Peter Goodwin

   •   How I Jeopardized My Sanity Rosemary Mild MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize

   •   I Dreamed I Held a Seraph Close Charles Robinson MWA Poetry Prize

   •   Such Innocent Words Yala Korwin

   •   The Little Girl Who Thought She Could Shoot Down the Moon Vickie Fang MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   London Pieta: a verse essay Olga Dugan

   •   Candid View Rhina P. Espaillat

   •   Guitar Lady Leslie Wake

   •   Road Veins Allison McCarthy MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   The Layoff Rick Galloway MWA Poetry Prize

   •   May Adams Jim Beane

   •   Cover Photo: Jeff Rosenzweig

Scribble Volume 6, Issue 3

   •   beautiful mud Sarah Morrow

   •   She would die on Saturday Mary Bargteil

   •   Upholstery Nathan Leslie

   •   No Such Thing Ariana Morrow

   •   Mrs. Fisher’s Wig L. A. Lantz

   •   Wang’s Xiao Flute Olga Dugan

   •   Mandate Bernie Thomas

   •   Standards Patricia Schultheis

   •   Big Bang Robin H. Pugh Yi

   •   Cover Photo: Marcus Wolf

Scribble Volume 6, Issue 2

   •   Black Day Nancy Dew Taylor

   •   God’s Will Cynthia Burton Graham MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   Lack of Air Phebe Davidson

   •   Peanut Girl Charles V. “Vick” Brown MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize

   •   vs captain america Cliff Lynn MWA Poetry Prize

   •   argument for a caffeine-free diet Cliff Lynn MWA Poetry Prize

   •   Almost Family Renee Domogauer MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize

   •   Cloudy, Windy Day Nancy Dew Taylor

   •   A Poem for Your Pocket Olga Dugan MWA Poetry Prize

   •   Doctor, Doctor, Dear Doctor Peter Goodwin

   •   Now or Later Braxton R. “Brick” Eisel MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   Missing Parts R. A. Shockley

   •   Dusk: The Dock Phebe Davidson

   •   Cover Photo: Marcus Wolf

Scribble Volume 6, Issue 1

   •   Had There Been Snow Natalie Lobe

   •   Locator Ann Higgins

   •   Tulips on Trial Rosemary Mild

   •   Daughter Almost Grown Rafe Pilgrim

   •   The Day Job Nathan Leslie

    •   small animals Cliff Lynn

   •   Gleaning Shawn Nocher

   •   The Mad Girl’s Clothes Clot and Tangle, Trip Her Up Like Seaweed Lyn Lifshin

   •   Glass Eyes, Wooden Legs, & Nymphomaniacs Tom Ernst

   •   Baltimore Trey Palmisano

   •   Cover Photo: Alison Morrow

Scribble Volume 5, Issue 2.5

   •   my uncle’s brain Cliff Lynn

   •   Our Lady of the Helicopter Frank S. Joseph

   •   Alone Anne Barney MWA Poetry Prize

   •   February Michael Fulop

   •   Fells Point Gary Logan MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   grandma intersects with history Susan Levy

   •   Given the space Between Trees Shirley J. Brewer MWA Poetry Prize

   •   City Plows, Broken or Not Cybele Pomeroy

   •   Help Elizabeth Galaida

   •   In the Weight Room Barbara Westwood Diehl MWA Poetry Prize

   •   When Sara Looks Up Vanessa Orlando MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   Transgression Olga Dugan

   •   A Night Sequence Heather R. C. Wooldridge

   •   Small-Minded Cruelties Jane M. Frutchey MWA Creative Non-Fiction Prize

   •   Cover Photo: Alison Morrow

Scribble Volume 5, Issue 2

   •   Reshimu Brenda Barrie

   •   nothing sweeter Victoria Woods

   •   We Speak the Same Language Cheryl Snell

   •   Blue Ridge Mountains Brenda A. Morris MWA Poetry Prize

   •   way down south Lisa Anne Norment

   •   Revelation Carlee L. Hallman

   •   Still Michael Blaine

   •   Pelican Man Jennifer Lee MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   Art and the City Peter D. Goodwin

   •   Lost Eleni Constantine

   •   After dinner Michael Blaine

   •   Atlantic City Olga Dugan

   •   Stranger Catherine Bell

   •   Becoming Lost William Luther Jett

   •   The Boy who Could Fly — Somewhat J. L. Harrison

   •   is a mess Sarasvati Rontu

   •   Cover Photo: Sherry Audette Morrow

Scribble Volume 5, Issue 1 (Double Issue)

   •   Alone in a Field John F. Iekel

   •   Poor Man’s Prenuptial Gary Blankenburg

   •   Brave Beauty Gary E. Hanna

   •   Baltimore State of Mind Adele Steiner

   •   In Search of the Nostalgic Hamburger Karen Brown

   •   Sunnyn85 Jannine Warren

   •   Cold Collation Prasenjit Maiti

   •   My April Nathan Leslie

   •   Darcy Chad Bowker

   •   New Journey Alan M. Danzis

   •   The Watcher Yeve G. Montgomery

   •   5:30 A.M. John McCue

   •   The Mad Girl Feels the Dark Spread Under the Surface Lyn Lifshin

   •   Cold Cigarettes Jacki Lewis

   •   One Hundred & One Word Short Story Jon Coile

   •   Atlantic City Olga Dugan

   •   Untitled Julie M. Bartynski

   •   Firewalker Patricia Schultheis

   •   Sister Mary Frances Richard C. Rice

   •   Drowning a Childhood Livia Kent

   •   Treehouse Robert R. Angell

   •   A Job Well Done Roslyn A. Galloway

   •   Seaside Palaverer Mary Beth Mason

   •   Homing In Susan Borden

   •   In the Detroit Airport Ed McCafferty

   •   Shades of Blue Eleanor Sears

   •   The Alfresco Papers Christina O’Boyle

   •   Cover Photo: John F. Iekel

Scribble Volume 4, Issue 1

   •   stars lupine Savanna Reid

   •   Love Poem Hardly Recalled Justin Vitiello

   •   Weathering the Storm Patricia A. Bianca

   •   Surprises (For Mari) John O’Dell

   •   If Birds Build With Your Hair, You’ll Have Headaches All Your Life Gary Blankenburg

   •   The Oldest Robber David W. Carruthers

   •   Watching Water Striders Muriel Steffy Lipp

   •   For Ettu (1902-1994) Michael Fulop

   •   My Errant Knight Mary Bargteil

   •   Breakfast Food Jean F. Doing

   •   Freakesha and Me Nina X.

   •   So On Hiram Larew

   •   Underbrush Frank S. Palmisano III

   •   switchblade Peter D. Chapman MWA Poetry Prize

   •   Something Wonderful Vanessa Orlando MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   My First Born Dennis W. Barnes

   •   The Black Sponge Elisabeth Stevens

   •   Re-reading Old Stories at 65 Barbara F. Lefcowitz

   •   Diamond Words Barbara Simon

   •   Muse Nicole Boback

   •   Cover Painting: Sarah Morrow

Scribble Volume 3, Issue 2

Guest Editor - Lynn Stearns

   •   Formations Deirdre Hobbs

   •   Blackberry Lily Mary Kennan Herbert

   •   Taking Over Elisabeth Stevens

   •   Falling Into November Chris Steizig

   •   Music: the ultimate expression of the heart Melody Gerberich

   •   Contrition Carlee L. Hallman

   •   Cross Stitch Rosalie Koslof

   •   The Gift Frank M. Porter

   •   Lilacs in New York Brenda Barrie

   •   Haiku Olga Dugan

   •   Best Buddies Tom Glenn

   •   Sudden Storm Warnings Deirdre Hobbs

   •   Moving Day 1: The Ring Elisabeth Stevens

   •   Going Home Amy Branson

   •   Peach Soup Café Joan Allen

   •   Where is my mother Donna Almquist

   •   Your Freedom is a Falsehood Donna Almquist

   •   Sea. It’s Me. Irene L. Pigman

   •   Atlantic Gale Pamela Moats

   •   Transfiguration Linda Mastro

   •   Why I Am Not A Writer Sherry Audette Morrow

   •   Cover Photo: Lynn Stearns

Scribble Volume 3, Issue 1

   •   Homefires Carlee L. Hallman

   •   Leg Cramps Mary Kennan Herbert

   •   Flight of Love Irene Pigman

   •   The Worst Returns to Laughter Marilyn Wilderson MWA Poetry Prize

   •   Code Blue Mary Anne Cordahl MWA Short Fiction Prize

   •   Our Father Edward S. Calhoon, Sr.

   •   String Things Pamela Moats

   •   The Whole Child Yvette Aldrich

   •   Circle of Widows L. Joan Allen

   •   Family Recipe Lynn Stearns

   •   Haiku Olga Dugan

   •   Finally Ready To Go Frank M. Porter

   •   Awesome Wonder Frank M. Porter

   •   Blind Date Alison Penn

   •   Wishes Lynn Stearns

   •   Skin Man Two Mary Kennan Herbert

   •   Summer Fires Elisabeth Stevens

   •   Cover Photo: Linda Saldaña

Scribble Volume 2, Issue 2

   •   The Dance Begins C. B. Myers

   •   Two To Go Irene Pigman

   •   Visitation Marilyn Marx

   •   Tropical Zone Marilyn Marx

   •   Uncle Bob Sarah Elizabeth

   •   Swing Song Marilyn Bacon Wilderson

   •   The Thespian Alison Morrow

   •   Once Upon a Time Lynn Stearns

   •   Cubs Pamela Moats

   •   A Charcoal Sketch Louis True

   •   Lust Alison Penn

   •   Doc, Doc, Who’s There? Anne M. Hasselbrack

   •   Tea Party Alison Morrow

   •   A Mouse Named EEEK Louis True

   •   My Angels C. B. Myers

   •   Laurie C. B. Myers

   •   Senility Margot Wilson

   •   Full Circle Margot Wilson

   •   The Weight of the World Lynn Stearns

   •   Cover Photo: Linda Saldaña

Scribble Volume 2, Issue 1

   •   Last Look Alison Penn

   •   Bed Rest Megan Carrigan

   •   Growing Up Hilde Hoffman

   •   Lover’s Leap Richard J. Schrenker

   •   Reassuring  Ritual Donna Almquist

   •   Reality Diana J. Hallman

   •   Toddler Amanda Dalton

   •   Down the River Pamela Moats

   •   The place of my birth Donna Almquist

   •   The Summer Cottage Judith Reveal

   •   Cover Art: Anonymous

Scribble Volume 1, Issue 2

   •   Wheat Pennies Christopher W. Sleat

   •   Jan. 22 John Killeen

   •   I Married My Bedroom Set Rosemary Mild

   •   Cats and Homework A. Kasmer Solarz

   •   Aona of Dawn and the Crimson Tearburst Diana J. Hallman

   •   Night Life Lori Beals Barrett

   •   Point of Impact S. A. Audette

   •   Maui Emotion Pamela Moats

   •   A Guy Named Red Doesn’t Like Me Juliet M. Johnson

   •   Poet at Work Irene L. Pigman

   •   Cover Art: Alissa Deise

Scribble Volume 1, Issue 1

   •   Fall Margot Wilson

   •   First Date Beth Rubin

   •   Old Fashioned Love Songs Pamela Griffith Moats

   •   Tryst Marilyn Marx

   •   Breakfast With Mr. Bunn Judith Reveal

   •   A Dog’s House J. P. Killeen

   •   Dream Channels Rosemary and Larry Mild

   •   Wicked Stepfather S. A. Audette

   •   A Moment In Time C. Blythe

   •   Pulse Juliet M. Johnson Wardwell

   •   West St. Jeff Brone

   •   Cover Art: Anonymous