The Bees and The Birds

Volume 9, Issue 1


Cybele Pomeroy

Effervescent, gutsy, sometimes slightly bawdy, always truthful, Cybele Pomeroy writes as if, without poetry, she would be lost. From her haiku Facebook statuses to the verses that reveal her deepest losses, Cybele’s poetry paints the world with her unequivocal eye and her finely honed wit. She has been described as “campy and eclectic,” “a fire-flavored popsicle,” and “a little black convertible with dangerous fenders.” Her work has appeared in various publications, including Poet’s Ink, Scribble, and Baltimore City Paper.


When she isn’t writing poetry, Cybele spends her time fire eating, stilt walking, and miming. She is an accomplished actress, and her show Watergate! The Musical delighted audiences in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area. Her brand of humor is particularly on display in her limerick operetta with audience sing-a-long, Don Juan The Iguana.

Cybele’s earliest memory of writing poetry is connected with the moment she could grasp a crayon. We can all be grateful that someone gave her a piece of paper.

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Volume 8, Issue 1

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