Cover Photo: William Johns

Editor’s message

The question:

What makes art — whether written or composed, painted or sculpted or performed — important?  What makes a work deserving of the designation of art? What essential element gives it a value that merits the commitment of time and attention?

A possible answer:

Each artist’s unique perspective gives us new ways to unfold what has been packed away. The artist gives us the language — whether visual or verbal or aural — to grasp the complexities of a fraught world and to plot a course through the tangled, vine-choked terrain of mortal existence. The art offers a vantage point from which to survey the expanse of unconsidered regions and blaze a trail through that which has previously seemed impenetrable. The solo voice of the artist reveals, scrutinizes, amplifies all that has been kept hidden, all that we struggle both to conceal and to reveal. That which is important — the inspiration of the artist and the art itself — both maps the uncharted and grants permission to enter these foreign, yet oh, so familiar realms. To explore the untrodden and consider the unthinkable. To take one awe-struck breath, and then another. To continue.

Scribble Volume 9, Issue 1

  1. They All Gave Me Diamonds Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

  2. the white noise Cliff Lynn

  3. Looking After the Dog  Catherine Ford

  4. Formation  E. H. Timms

  5. Claudia Greets Me in the Morning Michael Ratcliffe

  6. Video Games  Jonathan Persinger

  7. Untitled  Lizard Morrow

  8. Write What You Know Lizard Morrow

  9. Interview  Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan

  10. To Michael Brown's Mother After the Grand Jury Acquits Darren Wilson and Snopes Reports on George Zimmerman Shooting Himself "Accidentally" While Loading His Gun  Olga Dugan

  11. Jacob Street  Mark J. Hannon

  12. Late Love in Jerusalem  Robert Hirschfield

  13. The Bees and The Birds  Cybele Pomeroy

  14. Driving My Daughter to Swim Practice at 4:30 A.M.  Ed McCafferty